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June 18, 2020 3 min read

We went up to ERX Motor Park Motor Park in Elk River, MN for AXCC Racing Round 2 XC race. The track was phenomenal! This was the first time I've gotten the opportunity to be on a legit short course track. Let alone one of the biggest known!

We got a good start and were able to pull the holeshot out of the first corner. We were able to hold down first place in class for about half the race until I overshot a tight corner in a tight woods section and had to slam on the brakes to avoid hitting a tree. By the time I came to a stop and hit reverse second place was around me in a heartbeat and took off from there. Quick Video clip of it here:  

Looking back at the video footage after the race it's crazy just how fast it happened and one little mistake at the wrong time is all it took. They actually took another line that helped set them up for the corner and ultimately the pass and I almost questioned if it was within 25ft and legal but it's too late now. I just was never able to catch back up to them and then ran into a couple issues that ended the chase.

Mueller Racing Polaris RZR

The biggest issue is we kept pushing faster and faster each lap on the short course jumps feeling the car out and how it was going to land. I ended up not pushing it fast enough or slow enough and we landed hard on top of the back of step up bottoming on the skid plate and throwing us rear up to the point the front bumper nosed into the ground. Thankfully we didn't flip but the rear slammed the ground pretty hard. That in turn apparently knocked my brushless Spal cooling fan off line due to its internal sensors and the car began to overheat. We made it just off the short course and the car overheated and shut off. Video Clip here:

Going to keep working with C&R and see what we can do about the fan. Thanks to C&R for all their help and continued R&D! We were able to pull over for a few minutes to resolve the fan issue and were able to get back going and still able to stay on the lead lap. But by this point (now) first place was pretty long gone.

But what a fun track! I had an absolute blast at this race! We had kind of a funny (scary) moment on lap 1 catching some air off one of the big short course jumps, "Houston" called in and said they had detected a "shimmy" (Vibration) while in flight 😂ViVideo Clip here:

I later found out it was probably dirt caked up inside the wheels throwing balance off but it had us nervous for a minute at altitude 🛫 lol Big thanks to Cameron Mapes for co-driving for me and keeping my head on straight! 

So overall I had a pretty awesome birthday weekend! (June 14th) Bringing home 2nd place in Pro Am Turbo class and a list of a couple more bugs to work on. As a side note, my son Camryn placed first in 90CC limited class on his Polaris Outlaw ATV! This was only his 3rd race ever so he is really excited!

Steve Mueller Second Place FInish AXCC

Huge thank you to all of you that makes this all possible and continues to step up with some absolutely great products and support! Without all of you this couldn't happen! 

Next race is going to be a local Indiana race with Extreme XC series July 4th weekend in Odon, IN.

- Steve

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