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Full Spectrum Power


ECR Powersports Battery

Energycoil Racing has worked exclusively with Full Spectrum Power to produce the world's best lightweight lithium powersports battery, per ECR specs.

*   Universal Charger Capability  - Most commercially available battery chargers work with the Pulse IPT batteries.

* Advanced Case Design- Lighter and stronger than our previous case, it rejects heat, vibration, gas and oil.

* Advanced Cell Design- We designed the Pulse IPT cells to cope with the demands of motorsports. Every component of our cells were designed and optimized for motorsports, based on a decade of experience building engine start batteries. These are only available from Full Spectrum Power.

*   V Direct Multi Terminal  - Our solid copper terminals have 4 threaded mount holes. Attach your accessory wires without having to use long screws on one small terminal.

*   V Sleeve Silicon Terminal Covers  - Color coded for polarity, our silicon terminal covers protect against short circuits.


OEM Direct Fit Equivalent: YT12A-BS, YTX9-BS, YTZ12S, YTZ14S


Additional Information

Weight 4.3lb/1960g
Dimensions (metric) 150x87x106mm
Dimensions (standard) 5.9x3.4x4.2in