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About Us

About Us.

Welcome to Energycoil. It all started in 2013 with a vision to develop and produce a direct OEM coil on plug (COP)performance replacement. With the mission of providing high quality ignition products with industry leading technology and technical support second to none for our valued customers. 8 years later we are still firmly focused on providing high quality ignition solutions for your performance needs. Whether it be a daily driver or the Baja 1000 it comes down to providing a quality product with durability and reliability in any environment you throw at it (excluding deep underwater excursions). That’s why still after 10 years we continue to build and finish all our products by hand. This ensures your getting the absolute best we know how to provide you the valued customer each and every time you choose the Energycoil brand. Providing after sale assistance is what allows Energycoil to stand out in technical support from all others for our valued customers. 39 years of following your passion to win creates a knowledge and experience bank that we provide our customers with. That becomes accessible to our customers whether it be ignition install/tuning to stand alone systems set up. Ask any of our customers how we are to work with and you will feel comfortable in choosing the Energycoil brand.