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April 21, 2020 1 min read

Enjoy this garage / race shop bench racing session and in-depth feature on one of the world’s most impressive motorcycles, the 575 horsepower, nitrous oxide old skool Suzuki GS Pro Street Drag Bike of Brad Mummert and his rider Richard Gadson. This on the edge marvel has climbed the ranks to become the world’s quickest street tire nitrous bike with incredible world record performances in the 6.40s at over 220 mph. It’s nearly the world’s quickest nitrous GS, rivaling the big tire, wheelie bar, Pro Mod Drag Bikes. In this video we will see this amazing Suzuki GS nitrous motorcycle in action against turbo HAYABUSA and GSXR motorcycles, we learn all about this billet, nitrous motor drag bike build and get insight from Richard on what it is like to ride and race this incredibly powerful motorcycle. We meet head fabricator Mike Schultz from HDFR and talk a lot about the special motorcycle parts that make this one-off marvel so impressive. Brad also has his new toy, a bone stock 1980 Suzuki GS 1100 street nearby, which helps us with some interesting side-by-side comparisons. We ask Mummert about his future plans and goals for the bike and some rule changes that could be coming for his class.

Story & Video by Cycledrag.com

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