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Igniter - Three Channel

Our Energycoil Igniter's provide the power your machine craves.  BIG amp igniter made with aerospace technology is the perfect compliment to our high output coils.  Take the next step in performance, ignite your passion.  Contact us for details & to discuss your specific application.


Three Channel Inductive Ignition Module

30 ampere continuous, 50 ampere burst output, 200mJ energy output per channel (600mJ total)

The three channel Energycoil ignition module is an exceptional performance, high current, inductive ignition unit using some of the most efficient components available and are ideal for stand alone engine management applications wishing to use high performance 2 wire ignition coils.

Energycoil ignition modules up the ante; unlike most replacement or competitor Bosch ignition module units, which are current limited at 7.5amperes. Energycoil ignition modules allow for a continuous 30 ampere output per coil, while allowing for a 80KV coil voltage output.

Using surface mount, MILITARY SPEC SMD technology, Energycoil components are a custom in house solution, are ultra compact, and offer exceptional electronic characteristics over standard industry options.


Unlimited mileage lifetime warranty*.
-Advanced Mil Spec SMD PCB design.
-80KV coil output capable.
-Continuous 30 ampere, burst 50 ampere current output per coil.
-Energycoil custom ignition drivers are used to ensure intense, no compromise, ignition events which are more resistant to fouling or misfire.
-Thermal protection circuitry.
-Compact size.
-Energycoil EMI / RFI reduction circuitry for stable ECU operation.
-Inductive Flyback protection.
-Splash resistant to standard motorsport fluids
-Internal temperature maximum rating is 180 degrees C (per MIL SPEC)

*requires proof of purchase and Energycoil provided value files.