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October 20, 2020 2 min read

This past weekend we went down to St Joe State Park (The Mines) in Park Hills, MO for AXCC Racing round 6.
Polaris XP Pro Racing
The track was nice! Not a drop of water or mud anywhere, but that means dust and a LOT of it. Luckily the winds were pretty gusty so that helped! I started the race well, pulling holeshot and held that for almost 3/4 of the first lap until I overshot a corner and had to back up, but in that process it triggered limp mode and I had to shut the car off and restart. That's all the time it took for the new first place to come right around me from out of the dust cloud. We got back going and stayed with them just trying to keep out of the dust cloud for another 2 laps just waiting to take the right opportunity to take back the lead. Unfortunately my low talent light came on and I guess, and I decided whacking a tree like Carole Baskin whacked her husband would be a better plan. 🤦‍♂️ After the hit, I wasn't sure of the extent of damage but the steering felt loose and I didn't trust it. There were alot of fast sections and I was nervous to have something come apart at the wrong time. I kept waiting for something to let go and end the race, so I decided to back way down on the pace and just finish. I knew going into this race points were basically locked up so it wasn't worth any more damage than necessary. Brenda Stretchkept my head on straight the rest of the race and we were able to bring home 2nd place in class. After getting out of the car and inspecting everything, I couldn't find any obvious damage other than some play in the tie rods and a bent wheel stud. So that was good. Thanks again Brenda Stretchfrom Action Powersports Illinoisfor making the trip down and riding along! She is going to be racing next year in her Turbo RZR!
Mueller Racing Polaris Pro XP 2nd Place

One race left of the season for AXCC in 2 weeks on Halloween at MidAmerica Outdoors in Jay, OK. I will unfortunately not be attending the 3rd and final Pro Rock race. Due to all their cancelations this year and my one and only DNF of the year at their first race, a 3 race season in points just isn't going to pan out. We will finish out AXCC and tear the car down for the King of Hammers build out. Yes, you read that right we will be racing King of Hammers in 2021😎 more to come on that!
Big shout out to Garrett Hamiltonhe got some epic photo shots this weekend! I think you guys are going to dig them!
Huge thank you to everyone that makes all of this possible! I truly appreciate each and everyone of you!!

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