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March 04, 2020 2 min read

Race Report: IXCR Badlands

I went into this weekends race with 1 hour of seat time in my new car so I decided to just put myself in the women's class to get a feel for the car. I started dead last out of 58 cars. My goal for this race was to see how far I could work up In the overalls. On the first lap we got stuck in a bottleneck and had no way around so we had to wait for everyone to move for us to get through. Once we got through the bottleneck we started passing cars left and right it felt like. We were passing cars like they were sitting still. In the first 2 laps alone we moved up 14 spots. By the 4th lap my shocks were shot due to the fact of running stock shocks we were bottoming out everywhere, but we didn't let it slow us down. By the end of the race we were able to move up 35 spots total putting us in 24th overall.

My Midwest Performance & Power Honda Talon was on rails this weekend. Everything felt amazing on it from the NRG Seats to the Raceco-USA Inc. suspension parts underneath. Having Crash Addict Industries LLC cage around me made me feel safe so I could haul the mail. A big thank you to Kelly and his wife at KMS Performance for getting my car dialed to a T. I have drove a lot of different side by sides but by far my Honda Talon is my most favorite. I have never had so much fun in a side by side before. Im ready to sell everything Polaris and go strictly to Honda, I loved it that much. Time to send it off to GForce Suspension Technologies to get the suspension dialed before the AXCC Racing race the 21st.


-Addison Nible

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